Nanofluids for lubrication, heat transfer

& energy storage


Muhammet Toprak



Prof. in Materials Chemistry, expert on nanomaterial design, fabrication and characterization, and huge international network in the field.

Tom Magnergård

KTH Innovation


Letsnano's investment contact, extensive experience of business development, funding, product development and customization, market entry and sales in many European countries. Great interest in technology development and entrepreneurship.

Nader Nikkam



PhD in Materials Chemistry, expert on nanofluids fabrication and characterization, and many years of experience on intellectual property rights.



Magnus Rehn

STING Innovation


Letsnano's business coach, large experience in developing international business, creating new growth opportunities, building teams, hands on experince in developing and doing business in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Bernhard Hirschauer

CEO/ Business Development


M.Sc. in physical-chemistry as well as Exec. MBA.

Long term experience in development of startup companies.

International sales in Europe, Asia, and USA.

Wei Zhao

CTO/ Laboratory


M.Sc.Eng in Microelectronics – Nanotechnology.

Extensive experience in industrial research and international research community in Europe, Asia, and Australia.


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